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S18-Nucks Preseason [WB2]


The Canucks have a one singular goal when I comes to the preseason, survival. I can lose every game 10 to nothing , don’t care. Just survival. The five games in five nights can be difficult to manage without exhaustion, but can be done. After losing a franchise cornerstone for a season, and subsequent trade, the preseason has lost all lustre. And by that metric the team had a very successful preseason. I got through it, without losing a player or having to sign one of those 2m a season fill-ins. I actually believe the Canucks did a decent with a 3-2 record, with one of those loses coming in OT. The team was almost ready to go at this point.

The team throughout the preseason had a number of young players coming in and out to ensure that vets wouldn’t get too tired. The tem had every intention of picking up the final pieces in supplemental draft. Before that though the team had a old Lowell Lock Monster fall into their laps. Doug Janik was a great value against the cap at 650k a season, but is a very capable 7th defender. Cap management in the name of the game and landing pieces like this can pay big dividends. In the Supp draft there were too players that were on the radar for the teams 4th line. Adam Mair and Jason Bonsigore. Both players have decent talent for a decent cap hit. Actually I was going to steal lumberjacks first but that boat sailed early. Due to the new rules about having extra players on the pro roster, the Canucks selected a 8th defender that is cheap in Rory Fitzpatrick. There was one more player that the Nucks thought could have impact at a reduced price. Maxim Balmo is a versatile winger that can skate like the wind at 1.2m. He was an excellent value at the end of the 2nd Round. With that the Canucks ended the preseason and started gearing up for a strong regular season.

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