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s18 - The Hangover [WB2]


This preseason was all about self perseverance for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Toronto had picked up more AHLers than in the last couple of years. The preseason was one reason for that, and at the end of the preseason, they were extremely happy they had done so.


Those extra players on the roster were able to help sit and rest a lot of the Maple Leafs top players. Players like Eric Staal and Mike Ribeiro were able to only play 1 - 2 games. Even so, a number of Maple Leafs were still on death’s door by game 2 and 3 of the preseason. This year the fatigue of the Stanley Cup hangover really took a toll on the Leafs players. Many players were too exhausted to play 2 games in a row. Toronto management thought they might run out of goalies, as the fatigue was obvious on all 6 in the system. The players that were picked up in the off season were no better as the hangover seemed to turn into a virus that spread amongst the team. Any player who played was almost assuredly too tired to play the next game or risk serious injury. 


In the end the Toronto Maple Leafs made it through the preseason unscathed and were “ready” to start the year. The team is going to put in a request to the league that a day of rest be added between each preseason game next year. Almost all of the new signed players were then sent back to the minors following the last preseason game. The team hopes they will not need to recall them as that would mean that the Leafs have suffered an injury. The team plans to keep 2 extra defenseman with them for the entire season.


Let’s hope the hangover wears off before puck drop on the new regular season.


WC - 310