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S18 - Blues First Round [WB11]


First round playoff


Saint Louis Missouri : The Sprinfield Thunderbirds team is not in AHL playoff this season, we knew we would miss it when we traded Jarni Hurme to the New York Islanders. If we had more scorer on this roster we would not need a great goalie in net as many teams suck in AHL..


The Saint Louis Blues are qualified for the playoff this season, they made it easy to qualifiy for the playoff thjs season as they got  92 points. they will neet Minnesota wild in the first round. The Wild who made several changes and hope they will pay off but the Blues have two great first line who contributed to qualify them for the playoff, also we have two great goalies in Mikka Kiprusoff and Tim Thomas.

Our first line

On left wing Matt Stajan 24 goals 28 assists he is the future of this team, he is ready to produce in playoff.

At center Doug Weight 18 goals 33 assists in 76 games our first scorer in the regular season.

On right wing Pavel Bure 32 goals 34 assists in 82 games he has been so great scoring goals it should be the same in playoff.


Our second line

On left wing  Ziggy Palffy with 27 goals 24 assist in 82 games but playoff comes put these number to zero and make history.

At Center Jussi Jokinen 28 goals 32 assists in 82 games he has been so good fior the Blues this season hope he continues in playoff.

On the right Marek Svatos who was playing on third line most of the regular season we moved him up when we traded Sergei Samsonov for Jiri Hudler and pick.


Mikka Kiprusoff will be our first goalie to start the playoff, he had a great year with an average of 2.44 and a saving percentage of .925 but if needed Tim Thomas is ready to come in with a 2.19 average . 939

It might be the Blues year this season so we cannot miss the boat here


Homer Simpson

Blues gazette reporter

Wc 332