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  • Day 126Game 754
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s18 - Coyotes Rumors [WB8]


Only days away from the annual trading frenzy that is trade deadline day, the Phoenix Coyotes find themselves in a bit of a holding pattern.  Having already acquired what they feel is a game-changer from the Tampa Bay Lightning in Olli Jokinen, the club now has to decide whether to go all in on another forward or to hold and move forward with what they have.

To be clear, this team is doing fine as is.  The $1,000,000 question is how much better could they be with another high-impact scorer in the lineup.  Moreover, at what cost.

Listed below are three trade targets that could help the Coyotes in their quest to bring home Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Paul Kariya, Buffalo Sabres – With Kariya having not signed an extension and still willing to listen to offers, the asking price will undoubtedly be higher than that of say a true rental.  We’ve heard that the Sabres have asked for Wade Brookbank along with draft picks in exchange for the 34-year-old Kariya.  There have also been rumours that prospect Jakub Voracek was mentioned as well.

Josef Vasicek, Hartford Whalers – Growing tired of Hartford’s attempts at re-signing him, the 28-year-old Vasicek has indicated that he’ll only accept 1 more offer before declaring for free agency.  This has clearly forced the hand of the Whalers.  Do the Coyotes need another centerman?  The possibility remains that if one were brought into the fold, either Patrick Marleau or Jokinen could slide over to the left wing.

Tim Connolly, Edmonton Oilers – The only true rental on the list, the 28-year-old Connolly has spurned the Oilers extension offers and has informed them about his desire to “test the free agent market”.  Like Vasicek, Connolly is a centerman and as such a move to the lineup would need to happen.  As a rental, it’s unclear what the “ask” would be, but we’re hearing Brookbank’s name being mentioned here as well.