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S17 - At the deadline. [WB6]


We are now at the Deadline, and again the Flames front office is quiet. The Flames acquired Bobby Holik as an early rental, and with that 14 mil in cap space gone, there is not much room left for deals. Any deals does at the deadline would have to be elite for elite so the Flames can continue on their quest for the Cup.

There has been lots of talk about budding star Dany Heatley, but nothing has come across GM Mike Hopkins desk that would make him pull the trigger. With very little cap space available, the Flames are very limited in what they can take back for Heater. The ask from Calgary has been the same all along. The Flames were looking to make a 1 for 1 swap. Elite talent for elite talent. Left winger for a Right winger. Oh yea and it also would have to fit under the extremely tight cap in Calgary. There have been a few decent offers, but they all broke down once the cap became part of the equation.

More recently the Flames have failed to come to terms with All-star, League MVP leading scorer last season defenceman extraordinaire Andrew Ference. Andrew is having another stellar season for the Flames, and sadly it could be his last. The Flames will make every attempt to bring him back during the busy UFA season, but sadly there are no guarantees. The Flames are not looking to trade Ference, as he is a key cog that keeps this team’s mojo running. He may not be having the elite season he had last year, but he is still one of the top point getters in the league.

The Flames were able to come to terms on one deadline deal as Flip Kuba was sent to his 4th team this season. Kuba was having a good season in Buffalo, and was dealt to Phoenix and KC before finally landing with the Flames. When asked if he was looking forward to joining the Flames, Flip replied, “Hell yea, let’s go get the fans in Calgary another Cup!”

The move does improve the Flames defense, and they were already one of the hardest teams to score on this season. The Flames are currently only allowing 2.125 goals against a game, and that is the low mark in the league by a fair margin.

It looks like the Flames are all in again in a race towards the cup. Only time will tell if all of the moves and non-moves were really worth it.

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