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S17 - Flames Update (®)


So what is up with Bobby Holik? If you bring in a superstar, you expect them to score every game right? At 14 million a season he should at least have a point in every game. When he came to Calgary, Holik had 14 goals and 37 points over 34 games with the Whalers. Since joining the Flames, he has amassed a grand total of 0 points on 13 shots. For Holik it’s out with Jochen Hecht and Brent Burns, and in with Dany Heatley and Brad Richards. On paper, his Whalers line mates may have the slight advantage, but in production his new teammates are each a few points ahead of the big center’s former wingers.

Now Holik does bring more to the team than just points, since he has joined the Flames, he has been a beast in the faceoff circle. The Flames start with the puck just over 58% of the time when he takes the faceoff. Holik also does all the little things right. He plays on the power play, but he also kills penalties.  In the 3 games with the Flames, Holik has yet to register a minus. Even while killing penalties, he has yet to be on the ice when a goal is scored against the Flames.  Holik also likes to throw his big frame around while out there on the ice. He has 11 hits over 3 games which is already more than his 2 line mates who both at 8 on the season.

So long term, where what is going to happen to Holik on the Flames. Will he be back next season? Doubtful. Holik is making 14 million this season, and will likely be headed to the UFA market as a 36 year old. It is expected he will sign a massive 1 year deal in the off season, and he will once again be making the league maximum. When he comes back to the UFA market as a 37 year old, you may get him on a deal in the 8-9 million range.

For the rest of this current season, the trade for Holik sends notice to the league that the Flames are serious about the quest to repeat as cup champions. Who knows if it will work, in this league anything can happen. If Holik continues to struggle putting points on the board, I think you will see a shuffle of lines happen as Sedin or Cammalleri could end up playing with Holik. One thing I can guarantee is that Holik will put the puck in the net, and he will help the Flames win a lot of games. He will not sit much longer at the bottom of the Flames stat page with likes or Petr Trenkrat. Peter who you may be asking… exactly!

In other Flames news, the Flames look to be bringing up youngsters Eric Fehr and Mike Green for a few games to give them some VHL experience. Green has already been up to the pro club for 2 games, and scored a goal while he was there. The Flames organization wants to see how the youngsters do at the Pro level.

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