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s16 - Game 7 [WB13]


What happens when an offensive juggernaut meets a defensive wall? You get a seven game Stanley Cup final! The Whalers and the Flames are both loaded up and ready to rumble in game seven. Anything can happen, and it usually does.

The Whalers reached the cup final having played a lot more games than their opponent. They took seven games to dispense with the Leafs in round one, and seven games to beat the Rangers in round two. They then beat up on the Capitals, taking that series in 5 games. The Whalers are led by Bobby Holik and Duncan Keith and have put up huge offensive numbers in the playoffs so far. So far in the playoffs, the Whalers have scored 86 goals in 25 games. If they end up winning tonight, it will probably be a high scoring game, as a low scoring game would favour the Flames. We will see who shows up tonight, but with six players scoring over 20 points so far in the post season, the Whalers have a lot of players that have the ability to put the team on their back when needed. Averaging 3.44 goals per game in the playoffs, the Whalers will need the offense to come through if they are going to win game 7.

On the other side of the ice, we have the defensive Flames. Led by starting goalie Ryan Miller, the Flames have only allowed 41 goals in 21 games. The have also scored 76 goals themselves, so they can really bring it at both ends of the ice. The Flames also seemed to have an easier path to the finals than the Whalers. The Flames beat KC in five games to start the playoffs. It was a nice win for the team after the Scouts swept the Flames in round two last season. In round two this season, the Flames dropped the first two games to LA, but then they stormed back to take the series in 6 games. The third round was a four game sweep of the Wild, which gave the team a bit of rest before starting the finals. The Flames won games two, three and five to get us to a game seven, and along the way they have been led by Daniel Sedin, Mike Cammalleri and Dominic Moore. League MVP candidate Andrew Ferrence and his partner Joe Corvo we also instrumental in the Flames making it to this game 7.

So far in this series, the Flames have scored 19 goals, while the Whalers have scored 15. Two of the six games went to OT, and the Whalers won both of them. For the Whalers, watch out for David Vyborny and Brian Campbell, they have been the team’s most dangerous players in the finals so far. For the Flames, Ryan Miller will have to continue his stellar play, and with 13 player already scoring in the cup finals, they will have lots of options finding players who can put the puck in the net.

Good Luck to both teams!

WC 511