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S16 - Since the deadline [WB8]


The Flames had zero trades, and only one or two light conversations about possible moves at the deadline. The team has most of their upcoming draft picks, and GM Hopkins felt it was not worth trading these picks for minor upgrades to the top team in the league. The Flames went with the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality and it seems to have paid off in spades so far. The Flames are 9-0-1 since the deadline, taking 19 of 20 possible points in the process. With five games left, the Flames seem to have locked up the president’s trophy and the number one seed throughout the playoffs. The Flames know that once the second season starts, anything can happen, but the chemistry the team has shown this season is something you just don’t want to mess with. If things continue as they are right now, it looks like the KC Scouts will be the Flames first round opponent. The Flames are still burning from a 4 game sweep in round two of the playoffs last season. Hopefully this year’s younger, faster team can avenge that loss this time around.

Another top team in the West also decided to stand pat at the deadline, and it seems to be working out for the Winnipeg Jets as well. The Jets have gone 8-1-2 since the deadline and are in a battle for the number two spot in the west. They are currently tied with the Vancouver Canucks as both teams have put up 16 points in their last ten games, and both teams have 4 games left to try and find an edge in the race for the second spot. It could be really important down the road if these team meet in the playoffs.

The other amazing part of this story is that all three teams come from the Pacific Division, and six of the seven teams in this division look to be in a spot to make the playoffs this season. It would be tough to argue that the Pacific is not the toughest division in hockey this season, and probably for the last few seasons.


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