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S16 - Flames news today (®)


The Calgary Flames had a big day yesterday as the halfway point of their season passed. At the halfway mark they are one of the hottest teams in the league, with the league’s leading scorer in Andrew Ference and the league’s top goalie in Ryan Miller. Flames defenceman Andrew Hutchinson should also be in contention as the top rookie this season as prior to this season he has only played a grand total of 28 minutes and 58 seconds for any pro team. Hutchinson would be tied for fourth in rookie scoring if he qualified as a rookie. The good news for the Flames faithful just keeps getting better though.

There were rumblings yesterday of the Flames getting a player extension signed, but we could not confirm anything had happened. That was until late last night, when league sources confirmed the Flames activity. The news ended up being even bigger than we had expected. Early yesterday rumors started swirling that star winger Keith Tkachuk had finalized a deal with the team. We now have the details of that deal, as Tkachuk gets a small pay raise to stay in Calgary on a four year deal. Tkachuk will be paid $5,639,000 per season over the deal. Tkachuk is having another solid season with thirty-one points so far this season, and is on pace to have his best season yet as a Flame.

After the announcement, the Flames dropped 2 more bombshells on the league, as youngsters Dany Heatley and Mike Cammalleri both signed on for four more years. Heatley who took the Flames to arbitration last season has already set a personal best with sixteen goals, and is on pace to set career numbers across the board. He was someone the Flames needed to get back, and he actually took a bit of a discount signing a four year deal at $3,855,000. This was a bit of a surprise after winning his arbitration case last season and getting $4,600,000 this season.

Cammalleri was another player the Flames had to have back. With Thirty-three goals and thirty goals the past two season, Mike Cammalleri was a driving force behind the Flames offense. He seems to have taken a slight step back this season, as he is only on pace for 22 goals. After last season, the Flames were worried about going to arbitration again, so they made a big push to get Cammalleri signed to a new contract. All that work has been rewarded, as Cammalleri signed a four year, $3,630,000 contract.

With these big signings, the Flames won’t have to worry about losing a top player again for nothing. When Hawgood retired, and Selanne left the team to test the UFA market, they left some big holes in the lineup. The Flames were able to scramble during the off season and were able to rebuild their top six. With these signings today, this top 6 group will all be back to continue to terrorise the league for another season at least.

This leaves two more potential pro UFA’s for the Flames, and they will continue to work towards deasl with 3rd/4th liner Jason Bowen, and power play specialist Bryan Fogarty.


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