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S15 - Teemu hits 400 Goals [WB4]


Teemu Selanne has scored his 400th Goal, it was his 8th goal of the season through 32 games played in Calgary. His 400th goals was on the power play at 6:44 of the 2nd period. Andrew Ference started the play with a shot from the point, David Aebischer made the save, but there was a big juicy rebound. Greg Hawgood collected the rebound and quickly fired it towards the net, just as Selanne posted up in front of Aebischer for the screen. As the puck sailed past, Selanne effortlessly tipped the puck down through the five hole for his 400th goal. The story coming out of Calgary is that after the goal, Stevie Yzerman skated over and grabbed the puck out of the net. He then skated the puck over and tossed it to the Flames equipment manager Sean O'Brien. As he did this, he said, "wrap that up for Teemu, he's gonna want to keep this one." and skated off for the next faceoff. When asked for a comment after the game, Sean O'Brien just said, "Stevie Y, what a beaut that guys is."

Teemu is now also only 8 points from hitting the 1000-point plateau. He is the 28th player in league history to score 400 goals, and looks to be the 32nd or 33rd player to hit 1000 points. He is currently tied with defenseman Brian Leetch at 992 points. Selanne has always been a great player, but he has really picked up his game since joining the Flames in the summer of 2002. Since coming to Calgary, Teemu is scoring 0.1 more goals per game, increasing from 0.33 goals per game to 0.43 goals per game. He has also averaged 0.2 more pints a game besting his 0.83 points a game average with the Jets by averaging 1.03 points per game while in Calgary. Teemu’s numbers have not been quite as good so far this season, but with his 400th goal finally in the net, Calgary fans everywhere are expecting the flood gates to open and Teemu to pick up where he left of last season when he had a career best 98 points.


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