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With the VHL off-season in full swing the time has almost arrived to submit your nominations for the VHLHOF Class of 2003!  A post will be made in #Slack shortly.


There are some slight changes (in bold) this year so please be sure to read below.


VHL Hall of Fame

- Induct 3 players AND 1 coach OR 1 GM per season

- Players must be retired (no mandatory waiting period)

- Coaches can be active but if so, must have at least 10 seasons of experience (pro and/or farm)

- GMs must have had marked success with their teams and contributed actively and positively to the league to be considered.

- AHL statistics will not be considered in weighing any candidate's Hall-worthiness

- Before GMs are requested to submit their nominations, the Induction Committee will anounce the induction of one deserving player as the Commissioner's Choice.

- Following the announcement of the Commissioner's Choice, each GM can nominate up to two retired players and one coach (or GM) from any team including their own. (15 AP reward; 5 AP per nominee)

- The Induction Committee will select that year's remaining inductees from the list of nominated candidates.  

- The Induction Committee will be comprised of Chris Baker, Dan Palmer and the current Stanley Cup Champion.

- Inductees will be immortalized in the VHL Hall of Fame: http://www.vintage-hl.net/hof/

VHL Number Retirements

- The GM submits a request to a member of the Induction Committee to retire a player's number with his team.

- The player must have played the majority of his career with that team.  

- Under exceptional circumstances, the number may be retired by a team even if the majority of the player's career was not with that team. Exceptional circumstances can include, but is not limited to; - sustained, peak statistical production - significant contributions to sudden and unexpected team success - multiple Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe, and/or Hart trophies

- Upon approval, the GM is expected to write an article honoring the player and his contributions to the team. (300 words or more for 15 AP)

- A number banner will be added to the team's page on the portal.

- The team will gain 10 popularity for the season.