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s13 - THE 'STACHE'S CORNER - Ep 003 [WB 2]


Howdy folks!  Danny McDonald here with a special season preview where I rank all 26 teams McDonald-style; The more powerful the team, the bigger, more beautiful the 'stache!  The weakest team gets the dishonor of getting the 'stache even Michael Jordan couldn't redeem.


1) Buffalo Sabres: This team has gone to Hell and back but it was all worth it as they are now Stanley Cup champs. With the depth on this team, they are my favorite to become the first ever repeat champs too.

2) Pittsburgh Penguins: Last season's President's Trophy winners are a powerhouse again this season.  As long as  Stevie-Y is in the picture, so will the Pens be. I almost want to root for them, but you know... Dave.

3) Edmonton Oilers: With a player as "Magnificent" as my mustache and an impressive crew surrounding him, the Oilers look to be a force in the West yet again.  They are my favorite to take the conference... even though I hate them and want them to die.


4) Vancouver Canucks: The SC Finalists from two seasons ago are still loaded with talent.  There's no reason to think they won't contend for the Pacific Division lead again and cause some dammage in the playoffs.  Should Linden get traded (as rumors suggest), that would be a costly trim.


5) Winnipeg Jets: Can Adam Oates continue to be productive at 40?  Heck yeah.  There are no real weaknesses on this team eventhough their goalie is only 22 and they lost Teemu Selanne.  That's saying a lot.

6) New York Rangers: There have been some changes in the Big Apple this season, but welcoming Doug Weight back after a year in Detroit was probably a good one. The core is aging fast though, so the window could be closed as soon as next season.


7) Ottawa Senators: New GM, same team (mostly).  As long the the back-end looks like it does, this team will be a contender. Which is good, because the forward group is in a bit of a transition and needs time to set.

8) Hartford Whalers: The Whalers have had to maneouver though the loss of several key players the last couple of years.  So far GM Funk has done a great job adjusting.  But how long can it continue?  At least one more year.

9) Philadelphia Flyers: After losing Peter Forsberg, signing Simon Wheeldon was a big win for GM Wright.  This is a strong lineup from top to almost bottom; the bottom being the goaltending situation.  Hedberg could either make or break this team, but I'll go with make for now.

10) Minnesota Wild: The Stanley Cup Finalists gained some overdue respect during the playoffs.  Now they are back to finsih the job with mostly the same lineup.  Things could go south fast though if Minny Mike Modano decides to move on.

11) Boston Bruins: The Bruins are a one-dimensional team built for offence.  It's almost as if GM Tindall misread the GM Handbook and decided to build from the front-in, instead of from the back-out.  Just kidding, I know Tindall can't read.  Anyways, he did fall ass-backwards into a very potent offense that will no doubt see the Bruins win their share of games.

12) Los Angeles Kings: This is a team that feels like it's in transition but still has plenty of assets to contend. Should Corson, Johnansson and Ranford get shipped out for a more definitive rebuild or reset (or whatever the kids are calling it these days), then all bets are off.

13) San Jose Sharks: There are a few very good players (Damphousse, Pronger, Lalime) and enough decent support to think the Sharks will swim to the playoffs.  That being said, I don't think the current incarnation can tread water long enough to contend for the Cup. If I were a SJS fan I'd be worried about the fact Lemieux and Suter are likely on their way out and there really isn't anything exciting in the pipeline.

14) Saskatoon Wolves: Despite having the best 1-2 punch in the league in Lindros and Sundin, the Wolves lack bite.  Roberto Luongo will be relied upon heavily, but I'm not sure this guy can handle a heavy work load.  I heard GM Hurley has been working the phones hard in an attempt to get some help for Lindros and Sundin.

15) Milwalkee Admirals: I think Rod Brind'amour is maybe good enough on his own to help this team contend for the Central Division lead. He's not alone though, so Zhamnov, Svoboda, and Fernandez will do their part too.  This might be the last season they are all together in the Brewy City.

16) Calgary Flames: Personally, I think the Flames are at least good enough to make the payoffs. There's no doubt the team has improved a lot on paper.  That being said, I'll have to see some results before I move them up the rankings. Tough love!

17) Tampa Bay Lightning: This could be the year Joe Thornton takes another big step in his career and contends for the Hart trophy.  Unfortunately, that would be the only highlight of the season for the Lightning.  As of next season though, the duo of Jumbo and Kovalchuk will lead them straight to the playoffs.  GM Ouellet has a three-headed monster of a problem in net to resolve at the moment too.

18) Saint Louis Blues: GM Fournier saw a team he put together be nearly the best in the league and worst in the league all in one season last year.  This year, unless Saint Patrick can perform a few more miracles than last year, the Blues will miss the playoffs.  Fournier might be trying to off-load his veterans too since we know Sandstrom is being shopped.

19) New York Islanders: In his free time, GM Blais participates in a fantasy hockey league called the NHL.  For some reason he thinks players in that fantasy league have the same value in the real world of the VHL.  This has limited the team's ability to compete as more than a fringe playoff team.  The Isles got lucky knocking of the mighty Pens in last year's playoffs, but this year they won't even make the playoffs.

20) Chicago Blackhawks: Eventhough I am placing them at #20 to start, I think the Hawks have the best chance to move up the ranking and prove me wrong.  The Central is still pretty much up for grabs and if the Sedin twins take another big step forward, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Hawks take it.  Otherwise though, it'll be another playoff absence.

21) New Jersey Devils: Scott Niedermeyer is awesome.  The Devils are not awesome. But this is a team in transition that will be focused on getting O'Neil, Deadmarsch, Richards and McLaren to reach the next level.  They'll miss the playoffs but will end up with a very nice prospect at the draft.

22) Detroit Red Wings: Most of the bottom five teams on this list are in a clear rebuild.  The Wings are the best of those teams and they are lead by Nick Lidstrom.  Hopefully Lidstrom's patience and loyalty will be rewarded with a Cup someday, but it won't be this year.

23) Kansas City Scouts: In Henrik Lundqvist, KCS has perhaps the best goalie prospect the league has ever seen.  Next year, they will add another exciting prospect up front; Jason Spezza.  The question is, will GM George have the patience to see this slow build through?  He made some moves for veterans that did not pan out last season and he's been linked to talks for others already this season.  Either way, a playoff no-show is likely this year.

24) Washington Capitals: Picking up Yashin and Whitney was nice, but that's where this team peaked for this season. Help will be on the way in a couple of seasons, but for now the polls show no playoffs.

25) Toronto Maple Leafs: If you're gonna suck, you want to do it the Leafs way!  Sure they would stack up poorly against even some AHL teams. But there are some fine young assets developing on this team.  Also, wanna bet the Leafs brass will be paying just as much attention to what's happening in Chicago and Montreal this season as they will be in Toronto?  GM Constable is poised to have the best 1st round in VHL draft history.

26) Montreal Canadiens: GM Torrie has orchestrated an epic tear-down in Montreal over the last season and a bit.  Now the real work begins as he tries to rebuild.  Unfortunately, Habs fans may have to wait until the 2016 draft to see any real hope.  Of course, one ore two successful runs at the free agent market can turn things around too.  As for this season though, I don't expect Les Habitans to move from this spot.


I fully intend to update these rankings on a weekly basis.  Of course, I could just as easily lose interest and never do this again.  I guess we'll see next week!

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Steve Tindall

#11 huh? thank you for the bulletin board material. though I fully expected to be #26

s13 - THE 'STACHE'S CORNER - Ep 003 [WB 2]
Season Preview Power Rankings (McDonald-style!)

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