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    Owen Sound ATTACK
    Manitoba MOOSE
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s23 - The favs [WB5]


Vegas, NV - The three amigos that a place inside the Vegas Golden Knights organizations heart. 

Two of whom are very prominent players on their squads, while the third will likely never see action.

The top dog, or the precious jewel is forward Josh Bailey. Why him? There’s the emotional attachment, he is a legit Owen Sound Attack product and I’m not just talking about in the sim. Why the Attack? It’s my hometown team.

Bailey is one of two Attack organization alumni now in the Knights franchise. The centreman/winger spent his first season and one half with OHL club before being traded to Windsor. So when the VHL’s season 19 draft rolled around and I had two top ten picks. I was taking the Bowmanville product no matter what especially given his skill set. Fast forward to now. He’s projecting to be a stud first line centreman and he’s already won an AHL title.

Next up, defenceman Pierre Hedin. This dude has been with the organization since I took over from Chris eight seasons ago. Hell, he was with the team even a year and a half before I joined the VHL. Dudes in his 10th season with the Attack. In that times he’s basically etched his name everywhere in the teams record book. He’s tops in games played, goals, assists, points, power play goals, game winning goals, shots, and shots blocked. What’s even crazier is three off seasons ago he elected to go to free agency only to come back to Owen Sound. He also had an AHL title under his belt with the Attack. His number should be in the rafters once he retires.

And that brings us to the last player, errr I mean goalie. Jamie Storr. What does he have to do with anything? Well he’s a former Owen Sound Plater. He’s an OG. He spent four seasons with the team in real life. I signed him just this past off season so he could retire an Attack in the sim, as it should be. I might even dress his for a game later this year.

WC - 355