• Vintage Hockey League
  • Day 76Game 403
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  • Day 76Game 403
    Wyoming COWBOYS5
    Hershey BEARS2
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  • Day 78Game 410
    Wyoming COWBOYS3
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  • Day 79Game 416
    Springfield THUNDERBIRDS3
    Wyoming COWBOYS1
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s23 - Playoff Bound [WB11]



What a season from not only the Kansas City Scouts, but the Wyoming Cowboys too!  

At the start of the season was not sure wat to expect from the Scouts. In fact, I was unsure if the Scouts would challenge more for a playoff spot or a fist overall in the draft. I will say the Scouts shocked me a lot tis season, thee were times I felt like this teams was an injury or bad game away from taking the plunge down the standings, but at other times, the Scouts were so red hot I almost could not believe how well they were playing. What a way to finish to the season, beating last season’s point total four points with 95, winning the fourth most in team history, and even more impressive is the fact the Scouts went off script and played a much more offensive game than the Scouts have been known for; it did come at the cost of the team’s defense not being as good as it had been in previous seasons. To top everything off, Paul Stastny had the most points by a player heading to the playoffs, and had twenty more points than the next person on the Scouts scoring chart. Plus, several players had career years.

What is even more impressive than the Scouts season, is the season the Wyoming Cowboys had with the team record 107 points and wins. The Cowboys played a Scouts style of hockey and were able to score more than enough to be one of the top teams in the minor leagues this season. Which is rather shocking considering the Cowboys graduated several talents to the Scouts, and it was seen as a transitional year for the Cowboys.

It will be interesting to see what both clubs are able to do in the playoffs. Injures will play a factor as the Scouts with be without Leo Komarov and Erik Cole to start the playoffs, and the Cwoboys will be without Teemu Hatikainen.