• Vintage Hockey League
  • Day 2Game 5
    Muskegon LUMBERJACKS5
    Wyoming COWBOYS3
    Boxscore 0 Likes
  • Day 4Game 13
    Muskegon LUMBERJACKS3
    Wyoming COWBOYS2
    Boxscore 0 Likes
  • Day 6Game 21
    Wyoming COWBOYS0
    Muskegon LUMBERJACKS3
    Boxscore 0 Likes
  • Day 8Game 29
    Wyoming COWBOYS
    Muskegon LUMBERJACKS
    Boxscore 0 Likes

S13 - Playoff Massacre [WB11]


Round one is finished and now it is time for Round Two!

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Boston Bruins
After finishing off the former cup champs in Buffalo, the Bruins are now ready to take down the mighty Penguins. Well, the Penguins have been a fantastic regular season team, in the playoffs the Penguins have been hit and miss at times.

PICK: Bruins in SEVEN

Hartford Whalers vs New York Rangers
The Whalers and Rangers made quick work of their first round foes. In this round, the series is expected to be much longer and could be a thrilling series as this could be best series of the second round.

PICK: Whalers in SEVEN

Winnipeg Jets vs Calgary Flames

The Jets used flying aerial attacks to finish the orcas at the Orca Bay and now those same Jets are hoping the keep the Flames at bay. The Flames had a tough task in the first round in the Kings and now the Jets trying to water bomb them off the map, this series has the making for an upset in Upset City.

PICK: Flames in SIX

Edmonton Oilers vs Saskatoon Wolves

The Wolves were able to charge pass the Blackhawks and now take on a juggernaut in the Oilers. The Oilers should win the series, but the Wolves do have a chance to knockoff this scary foe. If Sundin and company can play above their normal level, it is in fact possible for the Wolves to make second round magic. See I can be nice about Saskashit… opps, sorry.
PICK: Wolves in SEVEN



Lowell Lock Monster vs Baltimore Skipjacks
PICK: Lock Monsters in SIX 

Toledo Walleye vs PEI Senators

PICK: Walleye in FIVE

Manitoba Moose vs Muskegon Lumberjacks

PICK: Lumberjacks in SEVEN

Anaheim Ducks vs Salt Lake Golden Eagles
PICK: Ducks in SEVEN