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S13- I've Got A Problem With You People! [WB7]


    Just a little disclaimer for the new folks and a reminder for the established folks. Everything written in this article will not be PC and some shots will be fired. No offense is intended, it's all in good fun and I apologize in advance. Unless you are the GM of the Calgary Flames. In that case, Fuck You Palmer.

   I did a similar article last season (I think it was last season but could be wrong. Give me a break, I'm getting old). Well we've had some new people become involved and new grievances so time to update.


The No Problems Here, Lika A Lot Group


Philadelphia Flyers- No secret here. I am a Flyers fan so I'm inclined to like the team right off the hop. Add to it that Zach is a good guy who has never given me grief and we have the leader in the clubhouse. Plus how can you not love a team that has this guy on the roster?

New York Islanders- Love Pat and his Isles. Really hope he makes the playoffs again and gets the #8 seed solely for the fact of how much annoyance and anxiety it will cause Dave. Go Isles! That being said, next year they better suck harder than a hooker on Yonge St.

Washington Capitals- I applaude Adam for taking up this challenge. If/ when he turns this shitshow of a team into a contender, I will be on the sidelines giving him a slow clap.

St. Louis Blues- I like Mario and have enjoyed our few dealings together. His team is in the Central and no threat to me unless we are in the Final. Well, we get to that point and things might change. Until then, no reason to hate on the Blues.

Chicago Blackhawks- I really want to see Steve and his Hawks fly. No one should have to keep losing and not see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Saskatoon Wolves- Okay, okay. I make fun of toon town a lot. That's just because a team based out of Sakatoon is just an easy target. I like Sundin. I respect Lindros and how can you not like Bobby Lou? (still love Cujo more though). Chris H is a really nice guy too. Does that mean I will no longer be making fun of the Wolves?


The I've Got a Few Bones to Pick Group


Vancouver Canucks- The Canucks have a lot of players I like. I was very lucky to snaffle one away. Then there is the fact that Junior Schroor is always a delight to deal with. Just hoping the Nucks make me really happy by taking out Calgary or Edmonton in the playoffs. The only strike is letting Ottawa win another Cup.

Winnipeg Jets- I grew up a Jets fan so again there is an ingrained desire to like the team. I've met Mike and he is a good dude. The only problem is his team is too good. They are a threat no doubt about it.

Kansas City Scouts- The Scouts are the underdogs of the VHL. Who doesn't love an underdog? Mr. George is a unique and entertaining individual. The problem? Matt was involved in the one trade I wish I hadn't done in my Bruins tenure.

Detroit Red Wings- The Wings are in a different conference and are rebuilding. Clearly they are not a threat to me. Greg is still fairly new and seems a good guy. My frustrations from having to deal with Don (or should I say trying) are still there so the Wings are still on the shit list.

Minnesota Wild- Charlie is one of the good guys. I hope Bobby Ho runs wild (sorry, couldn't resist). Hopefully that trade works out for both of us. If he had only not let those damn Sabres get a Cup. Fack.

Tampa Bay Lightning- Tampa is the model on how to rebuild right now. They have a good core of young players and are making noise even without Kovalchuk there. Of course it helps when some numpty gives you Jumbo Joe. I see the Lightning making it higher on the shit list as they get better and become a very large roadblock to all the Eastern teams' ambitions.

Bunch of Pendejos


Milwaukee Admirals- Normally Milwaukee would be a shoo in for the first group. I mean who could have an issue with Jeff and his scrappy expansion team? Well the sneaky bugger managed to outmaneuver me and get Roddy and Jason Smith before I could. For that he has been banished to this group.

Los Angeles Kings- Why is a successful Western Conference team this high up on the list? A) Mr. Shirley has spurned my offers for several of his players. B) The Sum Bitch stole my Gretz. Inexcusable!

New Jersey Devils- Vince has the player I covet most. The one that got away. Alexander Mogilny. And the bugger will not let him go. So very frustrating.

New York Rangers- I like the Rangers team. Nate is probably my favourite GM to deal with (well might be Matt but don't want to get any sibling rivalry going). So why aren't  the Rangers way down on the list? Simply because the Rangers are looking like a BIG obstacle for a Finals run and I don't much care for threats.

Edmonton Oilers- The Oilers are in another conference and won't be a threat until the Finals. Well speaking of being a threat in the Finals,  the GM of said Oilers beat me in a heartbreaking game 7 and it still stings. Plus the fact that he keeps getting these favourable trades is irritating. So the Baker factor has these guys squarely in the crosshairs.

Bunch of Kenny Killing Bastards


Montreal Canadiens- We all should be cheering on Ryan as he tries to bring back the Habs to respectablility. I try but I can't do it. When the sim is the sim and Montreal beats me 5-0, it literally infuriates me. I hate losing to the Habs, I really do.

San Jose Sharks- They beat me for the Stanley Cup. Yep, nuff said.

Toronto Maple Leafs- A lot of this is my ingrained hatred for the stinking Leafs. Ian has done a bang up job so far with the Leafs but I still want to crush them at every opportunity.

Ottawa Senators- Now that the Sens aren't cheating anymore and are in their proper spot below me in the standings it's hard to hate them as much. Doesn't mean that when I lose to them that the keyboard doesn't flinch.



Bunch of Motherfuckers

 Buffalo Sabres- Don't get me wrong. I like the Sabres. I like a lot of the players and if I could wheedle any of them away from Dan I'd be happy. However, the Sabres took my team's high hopes and threw them to the curb in 6 games. Plus there is a chance they will do it again this year. So, Fuck these guys!

Calgary Flames- No Dan you are not #1. I can say that I genuinely miss having Dan in Ottawa. I miss beating his Sens and knowing every loss bugged him just like it drove me nuts. He has turned the Flamers back around and there is a chance that they could make it through the West. The only way I want that to happen is if I get to be their opponent. I want to beat them at every opportunity and one last thing Palmer

Pittsburgh- These guys are the measuring stick. Add to that that Dave has played the villain card so well and this is the team I want to beat. The team I like to beat. The team I feel validated for beating. I respect Dave and the job he has done with the Pens but my Lord do I hate them. Pretty much a requirement of being a Flyers fan.

Hartford- I really like Dustin and envy the job he has done with Hartford. I also want to beat his ass. Every single time. Hartford has been the best in the Northeast and if you want to be the best you have to beat the best. These are the guys that we must beat. The team that we make trades to be better than.


Nathan Schroor

NYR heart Tindall

S13- I've Got A Problem With You People! [WB7]
Rivals? Nope. Peeps I Hate Losing to? Oh Hells Yes

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