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S15-Trade Deadline [WB9]


The trade deadline is normally the best time of the year, yet this year things had to be a little different. Like a lot of other years the there were a number of big deals. The biggest deals happened well before the deadline and did not involve the Canucks. It is not something that the team is accustomed to. The team almost always deals and looks to make a change.

The basics of the deals that involved the Canucks was that MacDonald and Belanger would not sign and were going to be moved for similar typed players. After finding the right trading partners on both deals Juraj Kolnik and John Madden were returned. Kolnik being a former Calder winner and has a scoring touch, and Madden is the perfect checking centreman. Everyone was signed by their teams after trading so everyone was happy. The team also resigned Jason Smith and Dan Boyle to contracts earlier in the season thus ensuring the team will be set at D for a long time.

Let’s talk a couple of the other deals.

  • Oilers are scared and trade their future in Vermette and Lecavalier for Thornton and Smyth. They also handed over Antropov and a 1. Who needs to win later when you can win now?
  • Blues make another move for a talented winger, to go along with the Sedins. Really a move for next season where the Blues are going to have a legit shot at the Central. Sharks finally got the ask for Demitra
  •  The 1st ever draftee, and the best defender ever just went to Rhode Island. The Whalers decided they didn’t like competition in their division from the Leafs and decided to do something about it. The late 1st and Wesley is a decent price to put the Leafs back in their place.
  • The Scouts might have gotten the deal of the deadline. Chara for a couple lower depth chart guys. He is one of the best defenders in the league. On the other hand the Sens might have just landed Steve Stamkos. The Scouts heavily spent to win this season or the next and could be in trouble when that draft pick comes around.

Hold on everyone this is going to be a fun ride between now and the postseason.

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