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S14- Best of All-Time (HOF)


For the third straight year a coach gets into the VHL Hall of Fame in the Builder category. It will be interesting to see who gets in the Hall as the first GM or if one will get in. Anyways, the selection committee defiantly got the choice right when they decided to go against the popular choices and induct Bryan Murray.

Murray is a VHL original, coaching here since the start of the league. His first three years were in the Motor City where he lead the Red Wings to the VHL Finals in the inaugural season. His team lost to the Rangers that season, but it will not be the last time that he had the chance to take home the most coveted prize in sim hockey, unless you are Dave.

He stayed in Detroit for three seasons and then decided to take on a new challenge and take over the expansion Ottawa Senators. He did lead the team to the playoffs in his first season in Ottawa. He was awarded a Jack Adams Award for that feat. Actually he has made the playoffs every season but on while coaching in Ottawa. After two seasons of first round knock outs, he took a team that won 40 games in the regular season all the way to a VHL championship. It was a feat that was repeated again three years later when he beat the Canucks in 7 in a one goal game. I kinda remember that one. I wish I would be writing this article about the one VHL Cup that Murray has won I can not.

He will have a new challenge ahead of him at the moment. He does not have the same team on the ice that he is used to, and there has been instability in the GM’s office. After GM Palmer left for a team that was on the up swing, Ottawa was likely to be on a decline. Murray has still led the team to the playoffs.

There is very much an argument that Murray is the best to ever stand behind the bench. Argument one, he is one of two coaches that have won 500 regular season games. Two, he is the only coach that has two Jack Adams Awards. Three, only coach to win two VHL Cups. And Lastly he has the best playoff performance of any coach. He has won the most playoff series at 16. In my opinion with this resume he is the best and it really isn’t that close.

Peace Out Folks. Have a pleasant and safe evening. 

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