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S14- Season 4 Draft Redux Pt. 2 (®)


Well let’s not dilly daddle here. Time to jump in.

The St. Louis Blues with the 11th pick select Tim Thomas (Picked 10th)

Here is another goalie that spend extensive time in the AHL. Actually only playing in 20 VHL games so far. He has amazing success in his time in Muskegon, similar to John “Iceman” Grahame. He has bounced around a little though, lost in the goalie shuffle that is ongoing in Pittsburgh. He did get his coveted 1st for Thomas though. He was kinda a 1B to Grahame but did play extensively in the playoffs that John was call upon to play for the parent club. He is currently within the Islander organization and is putting up great stats but isn’t getting the wins in the capital. He could be could be ready to take the next step and he does deserve it with his track record.

Actual Pick: Tomas Vokoun

The New York Islanders (via Winnipeg) with the 12st pick select Milan Hejduk (Picked 4th)

Milan, you should be so good, but you are just average. The dude has unreal potential, and has played every game in the VHL since turning pro. He has been decent at best. He has not developed into the strong forward that he could have been. He does have a scoring touch and has a couple 20 goal seasons. He has workable puck and passing skills. He does skate pretty darn good and is a nice guy on the ice. Meaning he doesn’t hit much and doesn’t hack and slash. The guy is good, but a couple season at the beginning in the A would have done massive things for the youngster.

Actual Pick: Chris Drury

The Montreal Canadiens with the 13rd pick select Jeff O’Neil (Picked 13th)

Ain’t it sweet when things all line up. He is a very versatile player that will play all three forward positions and is a pretty good faceoff man. He has the stats of a bottom 6 VHLer though. His puck skills are in the low 70s, but has good scoring ratings. He did bounce between the AHL and VHL for his first couple seasons became a regular in the 97-98 season. His stats aren’t that great, but will get better with an upgrade in his linemates. He has gotten 40 points once in his career and never hit 20 goals. He is currently on a Devils team that is in the middle of a retooling and he is one of the better forwards on the team. Once talent surrounds him he should see an increase in ratings across the board.

Actual Pick: Jeff O’Neil

The Vancouver Canucks with the 14th pick select Sheldon Souray (Picked 2nd)

Sheldon will break up a run of forwards on the list. Souray was part of a team that came one win shy of bringing home the VHL Cup. He has been part of some seriously back Flames teams. He did spend a number of years in the A, putting up mediocre numbers. Then they spent a couple years bouncing back and forth between Salt Lake and Calgary. His best season was a couple season ago when he tallied 41 points in Calgary. He has never had over 10 goals in the VHL and saw limited time last season. He has decent ratings, but has a has a hard time staying healthy. He also has an issue staying out of the penalty box, frequently going over the 100 PIM mark for the season. He has found himself lower on the depth chart now that there is a new sheriff in town, so continued development is not guaranteed. He could find a new home shortly and could rise up the depth charts on a new team.

Actual Pick: Mattias Ohlund

The Calgary Flames (via Devils) with the 15th pick select Fredrik Modin (Picked 16th)

Freddie was drafted to the Wild and sent a majority of his career there so far. A guy that hasn’t moved a million times, well once. Traded to the Scouts last year and it has done good things for young Modin. He has almost spent his entire career in VHL arenas and has seen little growth. He continues to hover around the mid 70s in offensive skills. He has not put up big numbers in any of his seasons Minnesota, actually his best season was his first full one in BBQ country. The team is on the upswing and better and better players are being added. This could either be great for Modin or bad. He could fall down the depth chart and continue to put up 20 point seasons or better players could make him better. Only time will tell.

Actual Pick: Steve Sullivan

The Tampa Bay (via Rangers) with the 16th pick select Daniel Alfredsson (Picked 1st)

Well, to say that Alfie is a disappointment would be an understatement. If you had read any of my articles that are based on the draft would know that Daniel is the first overall pick that has been the biggest flop. He has never registered a 40 point or 20 goal season. He does have decent to good ratings across the board, he might have just been pushed to high to fast. In his time in the minors he was over a point a game and in the VHL he is under 0.3 points per game. He is one of the better forwards on the Islanders and getting a couple top linemates would do Alfie wonders.

Actual Pick: Fredrik Modin

The San Jose Sharks with the 17th pick select Radek Bonk(Picked 17th)

There are a couple Scouts one this list, and I think there might be another one coming up. He is an all around good player. More of a strong crasher and banger than a offensive threat. Perfect bottom six material. He has put up some good offensive numbers in his time in the minors, always hovering around a point a game. He will find a great home on this up and coming Scouts team.

Actual Pick: Sergei Berezin

The Minnesota Wild with the 18th pick select Shane Hnidy(Picked 59th)

Shane comes in as the latest actual pick to land on this list, I believe. Currently he is in the lost wasteland of 73 and 74 OV defenders in the VHL. He will be lost in the numbers game, but someone should give him a chance. The guy has 85 DF. Yes that is right 85. He is very much a stay at home defender that will not provide a whole lot of offense, but he would be a great 3rd pairing guy who plays on the PK. He hits and is good on his feet. Also for a guy that plays pretty physical, he doesn’t incur a ton of penalties. At this point Hnidy needs 10 AP to scoring and a chance. He won’t ever get nominated for the Norris, but he very well could one day get a chance at that new shiny Hortons trophy.

Actual Pick: Jeff Friesen

The Calgary Flames(via Boston) with the 19th pick select Patrick Elias (Picked 3rd)

I might actually be more disappointed in the way that Elias has performed in the VHL than Daniel Alfredsson. He has almost as much potential as Alfie and worst stats. The guy does play a very good game in his own zone and I will give him that. He is built as more of a skater and offensive player than a grinder. He doesn’t take penalties, skates pretty darn well. His offensive stats are in the range of 70. Not nearly enough to make a significant impact in the VHL as a forward. He provides value as a fourth liner, but could defiantly use some time in the minors to bump that stats up so he can rise the depth chart in Buffalo.

Actual Pick: Johan Hedburg

The Philadelphia Flyers (via Edmonton) with the 20th pick select Stanislav Neckar (Picked 42th)

O Stanny. I love this dude. Well mostly because he is on my team, but he very much deserves his place here. He spent the first part of his career in the Wild organization, and decided that he would no longer play for the team and demanded a trade. He was dealt to the Canucks and after spending the rest of the year in Vancouver he was placed in Lowell to finish up his development. He scored 68 points for the Lock Monsters in a season that they came one game short of the Calder Cup. He is kind of your average defender. He does everything good, and has a great 83 DF rating. The Canucks will be making room this season for him to have a regular shift. His 1.2M price tag might also be part of the reason.

There is part 2. I will be banging out the next one in the next day or so. Let’s hope my little Lucas will cooperate. Thanks for the read and hope y’all have a great day. And just the reminder that I’m also open for business.

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