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S13- Can the Canucks Climb out of the Hole? [WB10]


Well previews are a little easier to write when they come out before the series starts. I now sit here down 2-0 and am more than a little down on the team. These are not the Canucks of the regular season, but we can come back.

The Canucks-Jets have been a playoff matchup 3 of the past 5 postseasons. The teams are very evenly matched when it comes to the top players on each squad. Both put up great forwards and defenders. In all three aspects of the game I believe my Canucks have a little bit more depth. They have talent running throughout the lineup that can put the puck in the net. The Canucks have shown this by having nine 20 goal scorers, and one 19 goal scorer. They can put the puck in the net, but right now one guy is not playing up to what he showed in the regular season.

Vesa Toskala could be a Vezina candidate this season, yet he is playing anything like it at the moment. He is being outplayed by a younger less experienced Craig Anderson. Not saying Anderson is not a good goalie but the Canucks are badly outshooting the Jets and can’t seem to figure him out. The team is also getting a ton of chances on the man advantage and can’t seem to get that part of the game clicking. If they decide to score goals on the powerplay and keep the Jets from the net on their own powerplays; the Canucks should be have the chance to get back in it.

The goal the entire time was to play a offensive strategy that would wear down the Jets starters in net, it has worked and a tough decision is to be made by the Jets GM weather to start a tired goaltender that you risk losing for a longer period of time or play the back-up a couple times. The Canucks will hopefully jump all over the Jets when the lesser of two goalies is in the game. The series is far from over and the Canucks have never taken it easy on the Jets, so expect it to go the distance.

In the AHL the Lock Monsters are having a road to the second round. The Hurricanes are putting up a fight but have not truly tested the #1 seed at this point. The Monsters have a ton of offensive weapons at their disposal and are looking for a sweep.

Quick look at the rest of the VHL based on what has happened in the first two games:

Penguins over Capitals in 6

Penguins will finally regain form and roll through.

Whalers over Sens in 6

Too much firepower in the Hartford, and too little Palmer in Ottawa.

Rangers over Lightning in 4

My older brother exercises his first round demons on the up and coming Lightning.

Bruins over Sabres in 6

The Sabres don’t quite catch last year’s magic.

Oilers over Wild in 5

Oilers decide to smash the team that took away their Cup dreams for last season

Blackhawks over Wolves in 7

Great series of two remade teams. Too close to call so I gave it to the vets.

Jets over Canucks in 7(OT)

I’ve twice beaten Mike in the opening round. I hope this is not the outcome but at this point I will take a game 7.

Flames over Kings in 7

Who knows how to win in the playoffs better than Palmer…I won’t bet against him.

Thanks for the read. Hopefully this isn’t the last article of the year talking about the Canucks in the playoffs. 

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Matt Schroor

I have a feeling that the best way to climb out of hole is not to dig deeper...

S13- Can the Canucks Climb out of the Hole? [WB10]

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Steve Tindall

way too much praising of palmer for my liking

S13- Can the Canucks Climb out of the Hole? [WB10]

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Mike Hopkins Agreed Steve! I don't know what to think.
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