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S13- S14 Mock Draft (®)


It’s just over halfway through the it’s about time we start looking forward to the upcoming draft. This is not just any draft, this is the mfing S14 draft. Best draft of the 21st century so far. Guys have been salivating for this draft for a long time. For those of you who have kept your picks good for you. For those of you that have traded them, too bad for you. You will be missing out on some truly special players.

It’s a time honoured tradition for sports leagues to have mock drafts, I will be doing mine and by no means do I think I’ll get a lot right. There is a ton of talent at all position in the draft. I will try to make picks based on most needed positions in the future as well as present prospects. Simply put I will be guessing.

I also took the standings from after Game Day 120.

1.  Buffalo with the 1st Overall selection via Kansas City select Patrice Bergeron

To be completely honest, I have no freaking idea who Dan will choose. I will assume that it will be a forward. There are a number of good goalies and defenders available and Dan has other picks. There aren’t many holes in his lineup and he can truly choose who he thinks is the best player available. I have Bergeron as the top rated forward. His offensive skills are slightly behind that of others here, but makes up with his defensive play. He is highest rated in this category in addition to great offensive ratings. There is no one forward that is head and shoulders above the rest like recent years. So this could be one of about eight different players in my opinion. It is all kinda about taste in players. I also would not be surprised if this pick was traded, by whoever wins the lottery to get additional picks in this draft or future ones. It would be a way to gain back the two 1sts that he traded away for this pick.

2.  Toronto with the 2nd Overall selection via Montreal select Eric Staal

The Leafs already have couple good centres in the league already and one really good one on the way. With this being said you it would be hard to not go centre here. Most of the top forwards are centres so Toronto will probably take one here and probably pick up a winger with a pick that is later. Staal on the surface looks like you prototypical VHL #1 centre and has a good balance of passing and scoring abilities. He will play defense pretty well and be at least average physically. Not enough to be a penalty liability. Not bad traded up from the Leafs spot in the second round, all for Felix Potvin.

3.   Washington with the 3rd Overall selection via Detroit select Joe Pavelski

Well well well, the quest for Ovechkin might have seriously bitten someone in the ass. This pick once belonged to the St Louis Blues, and it was traded with the NYR 1st in S11 to Washington for the S15 first. By the way for all those looking the Drafts from spreadsheet are labeled one year behind, for example the move recent draft is labeled Season 12 and we used S13 picks. The Caps used the NYR first to select Anton Volchenkov and get to draft a elite forward in this position. The Little Joe is the top rated forward on the board and is fast and has great offensive skills. The Caps have a lot of skill in the centre position as prospects. I could also see a trade down to acquire additional 1sts to trade to boost the team now. If the team stays put, I will put money on the fact this is a forward. This is due to existing defender depth and drafting a goalie high last year.

4.   Winnipeg with the 4th Overall selection via Washington select Corey Perry

The Jets have put a lot of eggs in this draft class. This pick came to them from an absolute robbery job. Maybe not quite Potvin like but still pretty good. The Jets don’t have a ton of forward prospects currently, or at least nothing good. They do have a lot in the AHL currently but more is always better. Perry is a scorer and going to be a pretty damn good one in the VHL. He isn’t quite himself from a penalty perspective though. At least at quick glance Perry’s lower IT could translate to a higher DI rating. The Jets have two more first round picks in this draft and I would not be surprised if all of them were used on forwards to replace an aging core that will be down at least Adam Oates and probably Shawn Burr.


5.   Toronto with the 5th Overall selection select Zach Parise

Ian could go outside the box on this one and select a defender. It would be a move to ensure that the team has one of the best defensive cores in the league in about 4 years time. Shea Weber and Dan Hamhuis along with the group already there would be simply amazing. At this moment the team needs scoring, and the Leafs have three more picks in the first two rounds. Parise might not be the best player left available but he plays left wing; a spot that the Leafs are lacking in at the moment. Just because he is the not the best doesn’t mean that he doesn’t make sense here either. He has the second highest scoring ratings left and has a boatload of potential to ensure that he is VHL ready after graduating from the minors. He should be a clean player that takes little penalties, unlike some that are coming up.

6. New Jersey with the 6th Overall selection select Jeff Carter

This pick could literally go anywhere, Vince has zero prospects and this is the only pick of this draft. The forwards are still too good at this point to pass up. The league has a ton of defenders that can be acquired rather cheap and the same goes for goaltenders. Carter has the highest scoring rating of the entire draft, currently sitting at 75. He will at one time provide a nice boost to the Devils forwards. One that is struggling at the moment after losing a couple stars in the past season and a bit.

7. Los Angeles with the 7th Overall selection via St Louis select Marc Andre Fleury

This pick came over in the deal that saw Rod Brind’Amour and Jason Smith leave town. There are a ton of parts to this deal, but when all is said and done the Kings will get their goaltender of the future. The team already has forwards in the queue to take over for aging players, as in Sharp and Nash. The defensive core has a stud getting ready to retire but has younger guys in the wings waiting. Next season is more than likely Bill Ranford’s last one in the VHL. He has played almost his entire career in the City of Angels and has been amazing. The Kings don’t have a good option to replace him when the time comes. Vokoun is a hollow shell of himself, so this leads to Fleury. He already is maxed in the most important goaltending categories. I think of how King Hank is playing for a bad Kansas City team at the moment, posting some of the best stats in the VHL. He just isn’t winning. If you put that behind this Kings team they could look downright scary.

8.   Philadelphia with the 8th Overall selection select Shea Weber

Last pick was the first goaltender, and now the first defender off the board. I would not be surprised if either went earlier if a GM decided that those were a position of need more. The Flyers already moved Cairns this season and could be without the services of Marek Malik in the near future. Shea Weber is the best defender in the class and he boasts a 75 DF rating now. That should rise higher before the draft and after years in the minors it should be in the low to mid 80s range. He will make an impact immediately and be one of the best in the league in a few short years. His offense isn’t terrible, but like most defenders drafted they develop very quickly once entering the leagues, either VHL or AHL.

8 down, at least 18 more to go. It is kinda exciting writing about guys that are good, unlike the later parts of the mock draft last season. Hope you enjoyed it and am looking forward to the “there is no way in hell I’m taking that guy” remarks. It was a pleasure and look forward to hosting this draft like I did the last one. That’s if Chris the Commish will let me.

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