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S13-Who Rivals the Canucks? [WB7]


Rivalries are a time honoured part of hockey. There have been great team rivalries for years in the league. The Leafs-Canadiens for all of time, the Red Wings-Aves had some epic battles back in the day. The league even changed the playoff format to better play into this rivalry based NHL. Now teams who have to play each other more during the regular season must beat the teams within their division before playing anyone else (for the most part). Almost every sporting league in North America thrives on one team hating another team. Being a football person more than anything I see this in the NFL more than other leagues. To say that the Eagles and Cowboys hate each other might be putting it lightly. Their fans certainly take it to that level. It’s the old saying that “I cheer for the Eagles and whatever team is playing the Cowboys.” I actually have the same saying in the VHL. I want the Canucks to win and whoever is playing the team with whom I hold their 1st to also win. Nothing against Pat but I would love a top 10 pick in this draft.

I do take this same level of dislike to any of the teams or GMs in the VHL though. Most people here are more than pleasant even when presenting a pretty bad trade offer. There are also those who get a little salty at times over rules that are pretty easy to follow. This season has been a pretty tame one compared to the past and that is not a terrible thing. But with all that being said I want to beat you all, and there are teams that I enjoy doing it too more than others. And in no particular order…

Winnipeg Jets

Ok this one might be in a particular order. I don’t know what it is about Mike and his team but I love to beat them, and I assume that he would say the same about me. It is because we are both in the same division and play numerous times and he lost twice to the Canucks in the first round of the playoffs. One of the highlights of my short sim hockey life so far was throttling the Jets on Day 162 of the 99-00 season. It was a 10 2 victory in front of a sold out crowd at the Coliseum. It was the first time that the Canucks ever had 10 goals in a game and has been duplicated once since then. In a game against the Blues last season the Canucks netted 10. The Canucks Jets have a roller coaster like trend. It seems that one season the one team will dominate and then the next the other will. The season series this year is at 4-2 for the Jets. They won the first 4 games including a 13 goal, 7-6 game for their first matchup of the season. The Canucks have gotten two back since and that is the end for this year for the clubs. Despite being 55 games into the season the division rivals don’t play another game until the playoffs. That right I’m calling it right now. O and for those of you who don’t know Mike, he is probably the nicest guy here.

Edmonton Oilers

O this guy has me upset right now. Not only did he steal the last piece the Canucks puzzle…this fella just beat the Canucks while writing this. All without Mario. Grrrr. Anyways that is not the reason that he is part of this article. He has GMed teams that have beat the Canucks out of the playoffs twice. Both times were in the second round of the playoffs. The first was when he was still in San Jose. I believe he lost in the Cup Finals to the guy who might be on most people rivals list. That was before the great undoing of San Jose by another Chris and hopefully the team see resurgence with another Chris. Maybe after tanking two seasons from now so I can land me a Sid the Kid. Last season’s lose was a little harder to swallow. The Canucks went to the Finals the year before and was looking forward to another trip. We dropped the first two in OT and didn’t have enough gas to win 4 to the Oilers 2. I guess it was payback for the great comeback to win game 7 in the first round two playoffs ago. There is a chance that I will get another crack at the Oilers before like his entire team retires in the next couple years. Unless there is a minor act of God and people decide to play into their 40s.

Minnesota Wild

Yet another guy that I really like, very easy to talk to and we have done numerous deals in the past and will probably do more in the future. But you might see a trend coming. Charlie’s team inflicted the most crushing blow to me in my young sim hockey life so far. Not that he did anything and I mostly blame the sim gods for this one. Three playoffs ago my team was clipping along at a good pace. I dispatched the first round opponent easily, I believe it was the Jets and it was in like 7 but still easy. Then it was on to the second round. The Wild has always been a good team, and beat someone. My team flew out of the gate and were looking at three chances to put the Wild away for the chance to play the Sharks in the conference finals. I remember the place I was when I checked the scores, Game 5 Wild win, Game 6 Wild win, Game 7 I can’t possibly lose three straight…Wild win. I was in a smoking covering in Gravenhurst, Ontario. I swore, kinda softly but still swore. Anyways. Due to the great comeback that you had against my team a couple seasons ago Charle, you are now on the list.

Calgary Flames

Well if Mr. MacDonald didn’t see this one coming than he wasn’t paying attention. This one is kinda threefold. First he is bane of my brother’s sim hockey existence. Stealing away his opportunity to go to the Cup finals. The second was he stole my chance to have my little 1s and 0s players lift that digital Cup and banner. Once again my team blew a series lead in the most important series of the organizations history. Up 3-2 the team could not shut the door on those Senators. It took extra time in that fateful Game 7 but the Sens pulled it out and sent my team home empty handed. Not quite as bad as three straight but this one stung for a little bit. The third reason is this guy decides to the leave the quiet comforts of the Eastern conference and come out to Cowtown. That team was so fucked up and it was kinda a relief. There was one team of the 7 in the Pacific that you didn’t need to worry that much about. Ya they had a lot of young talent but they weren’t going anywhere any time soon. Then this guy comes in makes a bunch of trades and presto chango the Flames are flipping good. The freaking season after the commish turned the Oilers into a competent team from the pile of garbage. Can this division catch a break, o wait Feteke spent some time here so that was a nice change of pace. Anyways the goal is to do what no Schroor has done before and have one finally beat Master Palmer. And by the way anyone who has read this far, two Cups gets you the title of Master in my opinion.

Anyways thanks for the time, enjoy your night and hit me up with trade talks if you like.

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Steve Tindall

oh yeah Dan deserves master all right as long as you add bater on the end :)

S13-Who Rivals the Canucks? [WB7]

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