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s23 - Blues make a rally [WB9]


Saint Louis buyer or seller


Saint Louis : Missouri : As we are getting near the deadline, Blues were dropping and we decided to start selling players. Blues did go we most of their d-man really young and I think this was the best thing to do. Phoenix as usually is on top of the standing, people are starting to doubt the gm is not cheating but I do not think this is the case.

The first trade before Blues decided to try to make the playoff was Nathan Horton for Jake Muzin, Jay Boumeester and Ott 1st this year. Boumeester was a dump but still play good for the Blues, Muzin has been a great add to the Blues roster of course we lost Horton but you have to pay to get a return----- So after this trade we started to win again and we are now owning a playoff spot. So we changed our mind and became buyer.

Nolan Pratt went to Hartford, his discipline behavior made us to move him for the Blues to get less penalties. Phillip Samuelsson will come back with the big team to replace Pratt, Samuelsson is a more discipline player.

We were reading the newspaper when we got a phone call from Toronto inquiring for Jussi Jokinen. So we put all the deal we can do with Toronto to acquired Zach Parize. The trade was as follow : Jussi Jokinen and Ott 1st pick this season for Zach Parize and KC 2nd pick Year 27.

Will it be other move, I do not believe so. It would be a big surprise to see the Blues trading again, the trading market is costly as we write those lines.

I hope this will last a lot longer to catch the Wild and Whalers and a chance to get first over all in the standing.

Good luck to all gm but let me win


Homer Simspon

Blues gazette reporter

Wc 412