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S16 - Springfield playoff [WB11]


First round AHL


Saint Louis Missouri : The Sprinfield Thunderbirds team is in AHL playoff this season after many years missing them. They had 74 points to qualify but they will face Lowell Lock Monster and this is going to be a though challenge.There was three teams in that race for the last two spot, Rochester Americans, Springfield Thunderbirds and Fredericton Canadiens, Lucky we won the ticket to go in the playoff is it really lucky to face Lowell, I am not sure about it.

Springfield lost the first two game, to be honest we got swept the two games, 5-2 and 6-2 after being humiliated like this the team stood up and made it a serie. Springfield won the next two games. 3-2 and 3-0 to tied the serie and make it interesting for the fans and tied the serie at 2 games each . Even after these wins Springfield could not win in the next two games but they kept these score pretty close, they lost the 5th game 2-1 and them lost the serie 4-3 in the next game.

24 years old winger Michel Ouellet was great with 1 goal 6 assists for 7 points. 24 years old center Jay McClement was also great with 3 goals 2 assists for 5 points. 23 years old defender Fedor Tyutin was also great with 4 goals 0 assists for 4 points and 24 years old center Rich Peverly was great with 2 goals 1 assist for 3 points.

Veteran goalie Peter Ing started the first game and allowed 6 goals for a saving percentage of .846 and an average of 5.63 very disapointed with him. Veteran goalie Pat Jablonski came in for the remainder of the serie and he was great, he started 5 games had a saving percentage of .929 and an average of 2.46

If we had more scorer on this roster we could cause a surprise taking out Lowell and Jablonski would have the help he was seeking for. But if does not give you wins as wanted, problem should be corrected in the off seeason.

Homer Simpson

Blues gazette

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