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  • Day 47Game 270
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  • Day 55Game 312
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  • Day 47Game 270
    Springfield THUNDERBIRDS6
    Wyoming COWBOYS2
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  • Day 50Game 288
    Owen Sound ATTACK4
    Springfield THUNDERBIRDS3
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  • Day 52Game 300
    Scottsdale HATTERS3
    Springfield THUNDERBIRDS1
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  • Day 55Game 312
    Springfield THUNDERBIRDS
    Toledo WALLEYE
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S16 - Playoff race [WB9]




Saint Louis Missouri : Both Saint-Louis team are in a race for the last spot to be in the post-season and these race seam to be difficult to get, while not being sure of a playoff participation in the pro we traded most of our ufa players before the deadline. In the farm we claimed some waiver players that will help to qualified for that playoff spot.

In the Ahl three teams are in the race for the last two spot, Rochester Americans with 77 games played and 71 points, Springfield Thunderbirds with 77 games played and 67 points, Fredericton Canadiens with 78 game played and 66 points, it looks like none of these teams want these spots as Rochester lost the last three and they are 1 win, 8 lost, 0 ties in their last ten games, Springfield lost the last game,  and they are 3 win, 3 lost, 0 ties in their last ten games and Fredericton lost the last three, and they are 2 win, 5 lost, 0 ties in their last ten games.

In the Vhl four teams are still in the race for the last spot to get to the post-season, Kansas City Scouts hold the last spot with 78 games played and 73 points, Saint-Louis Blues played 77 games 69 points and they are trying to get that spot, San Jose Sharks played 78 games 69 points, Milwaukee Admirals played 77games 68 points. Scouts are in a good position to get that playoff spot as they won their last three games.

Blues decided to go with their first selection two years ago Pekka Rinne for the rest of the season, Pekka was not an exceptional goalie this season but he is still young and should become a great goalie in a near futur. Will it be the right decision, may be not but Rinne will get more experience playing under pression in that playoff race.



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