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S16 - Blues gane day 41 (®)

VHL scores
Saint Louis 1
Detroit 3

Saint-Louis Mississouri - This was the Blues fourth game of the season and we faced enemy the Detroit Wings, They did not make any major change to their roster in the off season, Blues added many great FA players this year so this challenge was a big test for the Blue machine. We won the first game 4-2 and then we lost the second game 4-1, we lost again in the third game 4-3 so we made some change in the roster but it did not change anything we lost again inb the fourth game 3-1 I ca not beleive we can not win against Detroit.


Game Recap

First Period

Wings took the lead 1-0 with a goal from Dan Cleary his nine of the season assist by Dan McGillis and Jeremy Stevenson at 5:56

Blues tied the Wings at 1-1 with a goal from Bryan Helmer his fourth of the season assist by Marty Turco and Willie Mitchell at 11:10 on a power play

Second Period

Wings retook their lead 2-1 with a goal from Hal Gill his twelve of the season assist by Dan Mc«Gillis at 11:22

Wings increased their lead 3-1 with a goal from Hal Gill his thirteen of the season assist by Brian Rafalski at 19:36 empty net

Third Period

No goal


Notes :
Hal Gill (Det) was named the best player of the game with 2 goals and 0 assist.

The Detroit Red Wings had twenty two shots on Marty Turco and he stopped nineteen of them for a saving percentage of .905 he was ok but we lost the game. Blues could not scored and had thirty one shots on Manny Fernandez and he stopped thirty of them for a saving percentage of .968 That is it we are fed up with Marty Turco play, he seen his last start as a Blues he will sit in the stand for the rest of the season. While everyone is trying hard to win games he is perfoming as a junior player so elite player on the team start looking at him badly.


First star Hal Gill
Second star Dan Cleary
Thrid star Manny Fernandez


Farm scores

Springfield  3

Muskegon  1

Muskegon had 22 shots on goalie Pat Jablonski and he saved 21 of them for .955 saving percentage.

Springfield had 29 shots on goalie Mike Smith and he saved 26 of them for .897 saving percentage.

Named best player of the game was Lukas Krajicek with 1 goal 1 assist


In first period

Muskegon Dan Keczmer scored his twenty third of the season from Janis Sprukts and Pascal Dupuis at 0:08

Springfield Denis Vial scored his fourth of the season from Mark Mower and Kiril Safronov at 10:03 on a power play


In second period

No goal


In third Period

Springfield Lukas Krajicek scored his fourth of the season from Ian Moran and David Hale at 16:34 on a power play

Springfield Chris Govedaris scored his first of the season from Lukas Krajicek and Ian Moran at 17:36 on a power play


First star Lukas Krajicek
Second star Chris Govedaris
Thrid star Dennis Vial


Homer Simpson

Blues gazette

WC 507