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S16 - Blues game day 38 (®)

VHL scores
Buffalo 3
Saint Louis 4

Saint-Louis Mississouri - This was the second matchup this season between The Buffalo Sabres and The Saint-Louis Blues, Buffalo did not make any big move in the off season and this might be a mistake but the Blue machine this year is not the same team as last year, they have lots of pride, fierce, quickness and great young players. The Sabres are always hard to beat and this season is the same as always and we are waiting for them and hope to crush them. The first matchup ended with a tie 5-5 so we had to be ready for this one and we were, we won 4-3 The Blue machine made several changed to their roster, and so far it is paying off as they are in a playoff spot.

Game Recap

First Period

Sabres took the lead 1-0 with a goal from Patrick Marleau his fourteen of the season assist by Nicklas Lidstrom and Marian Hossa at 0:07

Sabres increased their lead 2-0 with Jason Allison twenty five goal of the season assist by Brendan Shanahan and DJ Smith at 2:56 on a power play

Blues cut the Sabers lead 2-1 with a goal from Toni Lydman his sixteen of the season assist by Pavel Bure and Willie Mitchell at 5:39 on a power play

Blues tied the Sabres 2-2 with Keith Aucoin first goal of the season assist by Henrik Tallinder and Willie Mitchell at 9:33

Sabres took the lead 3-2 with a goal from Marian Hossa his nineteen of the season assist by Jamie Allison and Brad Fast at 12:43

Blues tied the Sabres 3-3 with Peter Forsberg twelve goal of the season assist by Andy Sutton and Toni Lydman at 13:10

Second Period

Blues took the lead 4-3 with Jussi Jokinen sixteen goal of the season assist by Teemu Selanne and Toni Lydman at 5:29 on a power play

Third Period

No goals



Notes :

Toni Lydman (Stl) was named the best player of the game with 1 goal 2 assists.

The Sabres had nineteen shots on our nets and Pekka Rinne stopped sixteen of them for a saving percentage of .842 he played like shit. Evgeni Nabokov (Sabres) had fourty four shots and stopped fourty of them for a saving percentage of .909 he did played well but lost the game.


First star Marian Hossa
Second star Toni Lydman
Thrid star Jason Allison


AHL scores
Adirondack 0
Springfield 2

Adirondack had 16 shots on goalie Pat Jablonski and he saved all of them for 1.000 saving percentage.

Springfield had 14 shots on goalie Hannu Toivonen and he saved twelve of them for .857 saving percentage

Named best player of the game was Ian Moran with 1 goal 1 assists


In first period

Springfield Christer Olsosn scored his seven of the season from Dmitri Yakushin and Ian Moran at 8:31


In second period

No goal


In third Period

Springfield Ian Moran scored his second of the season from Kirill Safronov and Jason Strudwick at 14:00


First star Ian Moran
Second star Par Jablonski
Thrid star Jason Strudwick


Homer Simpson

Blues gazette

WC 504