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S13 - Blues news this week (®)


Blues news this week


Saint Louis Missouri Blue machine made four trades this week and some others rumors about moving Granato but first of all lets talk about the trade already done.

First trade

To Washington : Defense Shane Hnidy who did not want to sign an extention with our team moved to a worst team then us, so he paid the price by not signing. Also included in that trade was Jamie Pushor who's contract was going to be bought in the next offseason, his contract was one million nine hundred fourty two for three years so we are saving money here.

To Blues : We got UFA Jeff Beukeboom noe million one hundred twenty two for three years but he can play in farm and this is where he will spend the next three year as a Riverman.


Second trade

To Pittsburgh : Twenty six year old defense DJ Smith, contract one million fifty for two years. DJ was going to be a farm player in Saint Louis.

To Saint Louis : Twenty three year old defense Steve McCarthy, contract five hundred fifty K for two years. He is going to trainning camp and improvement camp to get ready to jump in the big league.


Third trade

To Calgary : Thirty nine year old retired to be at season end winger Tomas Sandstrom, contract five million nine hundred eighty three for one year, anorther trade to save on the cap.

To Saint Louis : Thirty five year old center/winger Kevin Todd, contract two million eight hundred thirty two for three years, Kevin was a productive player in Calgary and I assumed he willbe the same in Saint Louis as he is going to play on our second line.


Fourth trade

New York Islanders : Thirty eight years old struggling goalie Patrick Roy, contract eight million nine hundred sixty three for three years. Roy was great for a while last season but this year he sucks big time so I am giving him a new Start in New York. Also with this trade we save big money.

To Saint Louis : Thirty eight years old goalie Dominik Hasek, contract six million five hundred thirty four for three years. Hasek needed a new start and Blues give him the chance to do it with them. Also we are saving two million five hundred per season for the next three years unless he retired before the and of his contract.


So it has been a busy week for the Blues administration and it might be the same for the coming week. Many players can leave the Blues as they do not performed well this season, if I get any good offer for a player I will look it over closely and if good then the player will go relax with another team.


Blues administration office