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s16 - Wolves Done [WB11]


SASKATOON, SK -- As the Vancouver Canucks celebrated their series deciding game six overtime victory, a collective exhale from the Saskatchewan Place faithful was palpable.  For the Saskatoon Wolves the loss not only marked the end of their Stanley Cup dreams, it also ended the franchise’s stay in the locale it had called home for the last eight seasons.  For some around the league the end of the Wolves couldn’t come soon enough.  For others, it’s the end of an era.

“In the winter months it feels like at times we’re a cold barren wasteland.  To have a professional hockey team added excitement to our long days,” said one fan adding, “it’s going to be a sad day when they leave town for good.”

For fans of the team, the last few months have been arduous to say the least.  From mismanagement leading to bad trades and exceptional players being allowed to hit the free agent market to continuous talk of relocation this season has brought it all. Thankfully, to have the season end feels for some like the bandaid being ripped off finally rather than the inch-by-inch tugging it felt like throughout the season.  

Sadly, to have “one of their own” in Eric Lindros deliver the final blow seems like an unbelievable cruel twist of fate.  For those that don’t recall, it’s Lindros who sits number-2 behind Mats Sundin on the Wolves’ all-time games played list with 895 and over 1,000 points for the franchise.

So where do they go from here?

With the league’s board of governors having already approved the purchase and re-location of the franchise we do know that Phoenix Arizona is where the Wolves will call home next season.  With VERY stable ownership in Blackberry billionaire owner Jim Balsillie, the league feels very confident that given the cellular phone magnet’s stronghold on the cellular market the future looks bright for not only the cellphone industry and Blackberry as a whole but the franchise as well. 

As for the team, with stable hockey ops, a solid coach in Joel Quennville and a nucleus of youngsters coming up through the pipeline, the league and fans alike feel as though the Phoenix Whatevers will be a competitive and stable organization for years to come.  Some have gone so far as to say that Commissioner Gary Bettman and owner Jim Ballsillie are a match made in heaven.

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Matt George

Bettman and Ballsillie, a match made in Heaven, HAHA! You got me in stitches.

s16 - Wolves Done [WB11]
cellular phone giant set to buy franchise

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Chris Baker was pretty sure someone would get the sarcasm in it :p
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