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s15 - Missed opportunities by Devils Management (®)


East Rutherford, NJ – As the VHL Trade Deadline concluded it appeared the New Jersey Devils set a path forward for their future by completing three traits.  However what actually occurred was an utter disaster in the front office as management made trades  with Winnipeg and Tampa that were voided by the league.

Management was completely clueless that both the transactions violated the rules and thus rightly canceled. The net result is that the Devils wasted a golden opportunity to move forward with the much needed rebuild but, probably impacted the seasons of both the Winnipeg Jets and Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Winnipeg trade for Brian Rafalski was voided because Nj included a future mid round pick that was already traded in the a deal made with Montreal for goalie Chris Osgood.  The Tampa deal was much worse as NJ traded its' captain Scott Niedermayer for goalie Rick DiPietro and a future 1st round pick.  However,by acquiring DiPietro and not waiving a minor league net under, it put New Jersey in violation of the league's 6 goalie maximum rule.

As the GM stepped to the podium the room went silent.  

“Well I was hoping to speak to all of you about the exciting moves we made but instead I am here to apologize for my incompetence and mismanagement of the team, the league and especially want to apologize to The Lightning GM JP Ouellet and Jets Mike Ste. Croix for negatively impacting their seasons.

As their respective deals were agreed upon I will try to work with them during the off season to complete the deals.  For the Tampa Bay deal all the parts would still be available in the off season and I will honor that deal if Mr. Ouellet wants to do the transaction.  The Jets deal is a little tricky to do in the off season so I will wait to see how, or if, a deal can be made.

As for our team, I need to repair the damage done. I informed our captain Scott Niedermayer that he was traded to Tampa Bay. We didn’t want to trade him but honestly we’re rebuilding and Scott has been a tremendous Devil but we thought it only fair to give him a shot at the post season and maybe a championship.  Scott is and always will be a welcomed member of the New Jersey Devils family.

I will go forward and be more mindful of the league rules to insure this doesn't not happen again.




David Zammit

mistakes happen. don't worry about it ;) classy move though with the apology. I'm sure the guys will appreciate it.

s15 - Missed opportunities by Devils Management (®)
Open Letter to the VHL

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