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s12 - Trade Winds Blow Through New Jersey (®)


EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ: The New Jersey Devils continued their rebuilding of the franchise.  GM Vince Villa approached the podium to announce another big trade as he traded fan favorite Brendan Shanahan, Stephane Quintal, Rob Murphy and Alyn McCauley to the St. Louis Blues for forwards Adam Deadmarsh, Jason Blake and defensemen Drake Berehowsky and the Blues 2005 1st round pick. 

It is with a heavy heart I announce that we have traded long time Devils Brendan Shanahan to the St. Louis.  Brendan has been with us for 12 seasons and has given 100% to the team, organization and community.  We thank him for everything he’s done for us and wish much success with St. Louis.  We are committed to getting younger and rebuilding the franchise and wanted to give Brendan a chance to play for a contender. 

Please do not misunderstand my words as a slight to Stephane, Alyn or Rob.  These guys have performed well for us and have done everything the coaches have asked and we also wish them well with the Blues. 

“How did the trade materialize and why now as you’re in playoff position?” 

We said at the beginning of the year that just getting into the post season and not contending is not where we want to be. This always leaves us with a mid to late round pick (when we have them) so we’re just treading water and not moving forward.  We are trending the same way this season and need to bite the bullet.  I went to Brendan about two weeks ago and told him we were looking to get more assets and we’d be taking calls about him.  He was a true professional and understood what we’re trying to do.  I told him that I wouldn’t trade him anywhere and wanted his OK to the destination.  We fielded a lot of offers and were in heavy negotiations with several clubs but ultimately the St. Louis offer was the best and we made the deal.

I want to say a few words about the other players going with Brendan. Stephane Quintal was with us for 5 seasons and played consistently well for us. He played strong in front of our net and provided offense from the blue line.  Rob Murphy came to us earlier this season and showed his versatility by playing up and down the lineup.  He is a good two-way player and will help the Blues.  Alyn McCauley did everything he could but never seemed to find his niche with us.  Alyn has plenty of talent and I think this scenery change will help him rediscover this game.

We believe acquiring Jason (Blake), Drake (Berehowsky) and Adam (Deadmarsh) gets us a little younger with controllable contracts in the short term.  Additionally, we cleared more cap space for the off season and getting a future 1st round pick will always help us in rebuilding the team.  Jason and Adam are scheduled to play top 6 minutes for us and Drake will be paired with Patrice Brisebois giving us a solid 2nd pair of defensemen. 

When asked if we can expect more changes, the GM stated “ I never say never and I always carry my phone just in case it rings.”

What about Mogilny? “What about him, we like Alex that’s why we signed him to a long-term contract. I have no plans to trade him at this time.”

"Thanks folks, I got to go my phone is ringing......."

The Devils are continuing the rebuilding model but probably won't see any positive results for next few seasons as they continue to draft and acquire assets.