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S12 - What a shit Show this is [WB5]


Orlando - Wow… do not know where to begin to talk about the Orlando Thunder start of the season. As you can see by the sentence I used as a subject for this piece, things do not go as plan in the sunshine state. To be truthful , hopes were really higher when the guys first step on the ice in training camp. It is true that the team lacked talents especially because DG Ouellet made a big graduation this year with a couple of young guys. Ouellet began the year with Erik Cole, Ryan Bugsy Malone and Matt Cullen all with the big boys in Tampa, but they could not keep up with the tempo of the VHL and had all to be sent down in the AHL. Cole was the less mediocre performer with 3 points on the wing of the 1st line in 12 games, Cullen came 2nd with 1 point in 21 games at the center spot of the 3rd line and Malone with a big fat 0 point in 5 games on the 3rd line with Cullen. Less just say the decision was pretty easy to make for Ouellet especially as the club played horrendously at the start so a big help of production would not be too much.


Things would not get prettier even though the 3 guys have been producing really well since their arrival. Cole as 16 goals to go with 11 helpers in 24 games, Matt Cullen as 6 goals and 12 helpers in 15 games and Malone still drags his ass with 5 goals and 7 helpers in 29 games. The 3 guys have been given a lot of chances to produce as they all play big minutes on 5vs5, Power Play, Penalty Kill, but that was not even enough. Other key elements have been playing good like Alain Nasredine with 10 goals / 18 helpers in 31 games, rookie Mike Zigomanis with 11 goals / 11 helpers in 28 games, Mike Van Ryn with 3 goals / 16 helpers in 25 games. The big freakin problem is in net… good lord this is a shit hole… Rookie goaltender Dan Ellis had a good year in juniors last year and a good training camp in Orlando but the season is really horrible. Dan has a 2-17-2 record to go with a 3.48 GAA ,879 SV% and is counterpart veteran Matt Delguice is slightly better with 4-10-1 and 3,19 GAA , ,873 SV%…ok the numbers speak for themselves. Let’s add to that the special teams play is pretty bad too as the Thunder have a 19% efficiency on PP and a 75% on PK, nothing to help those goalies back there, left to rot like in a Russian goulag. The only bright spot is that nobody as been seriously injured at this time and it is sunny outside… that’s about it. 


Ouellet has even not been spotted in Orlando for a couple of weeks as he his ashamed of the playing on the ice. Ouellet’s wife reminds him at night that things are not that bad as  3 other teams are a freaking disaster… mourning toughts to Peoria, Capital-District and Indianapolis for their stinky play.


To finish my article, let’s just say that the thunder sucks more than I did I my last career….


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