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S12 - Pre-season Review [WB1]


Tampa Bay - Today I gave a few interview to explain my point of view on Tiger Wood's comeback since I was seen in the quick video of people saying that Tiger was done and was never going to win shit again... God that was painfull more than those black dudes in some scene I made. As a beatwriter for the Lightning  I am very grateful to speak about the good vibes that comes out of the organisation in the pre season. 

Coach Lemaire decided it was time to give a lot of playing time for the young guys as he started the pre season with Henrik Zetterberg, Erik Cole, Ryan ''Bugsy'' Malone, Robyn Regehr all with the big club. Lemaire especially put a great emphasis on the play of zetterberg in putting him on the 1st line with Handzus and  Erik Cole. Erik played last year in the AHL with Orlando and had a good 1st season with 24 goals and 40 assists, so coach L gave him the chance to help Henrik in his developement while showing that he believes in him.  The 2 new comers to the team, Langkow and Daigle where on the 2nd line with croud favorite Ryan Smyth. Mr Langkow had a good week with the team since he and young defense phenom Toni Lydman each sign a brand new 4 year contract with the team. Langkow was not sure in the first week if he was comfortable here but after the 2 weeks of action, he decided to accept the 2nd offer for 4 years and 9,26 M$ (avg of 2,315$/per year). Man Rocket Fin Toni Lydman , re-up for an other 4 years at 3$M a piece to stay here in Tampa, patroling the 1st pair on 5vs5 and Power play. Lydman and Langkow are joining the rest of the young guys that signed in the sunshine state for the next few years. GM Ouellet made a good job of resigning the core pieces of the team and making sure they grow as a same group.

Alexandre ''Douche' Daigle seems to aclimate real well with the team as he as 9 points in 8 games on the wing of the second line. The guy with the most points for the team is an other beautie Darryl Sydor with 10 points in 8 games. Darryl started the 1st week ont the 3rd pair with Brad Werenka but showed great poise and jumped up the ladder to he 2nd pairing on 5on5 as in power play with Jamie Allison. Things are slower in the net as neither Salo or Waite showed flashes of brilliance. In Orlando, Dan Ellis has a really rough start in his career with a horrible 4,25 GAA and an awful .826%SV. Veteran Matt Delguice is outplaying him with a solid 1,37GAA and an excellent ,948%SV in 4 games played. An other veteran defenseman plays well in the minors as Czeck Jiri Slegr has 9 points in 8 games.

Ouellet told me in a quick chat before this morning practice that he his very please on how the way Lemaire is playing his cards. Guys battle very hard to prove their place on the team and show the league that the young guns can disturb the tranquility of the division. He hopes that the decision to lean on youth instead of old veteran will play out the way he envisioned it.

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